The Wedding Film of Kate + Richard

Tell me about yourselves … How did you meet? What do you do?..How do you spend your days?..What’s important in life?

We met on New Years Eve 8 years ago. Kate is in advertising and Rich is a geologist. We are a pretty chilled out couple but very different in alot of ways. Kate is very organised and is a doer, Rich is more relaxed and relies on Kate to get things done haha. Our family, friends and our dog Flynn are the most important things to us, but we are also workaholics who appreciate doing well in our given careers.

The proposal? …Tell me a little bit about it…

It was done in Adelaide at a park bench that was put up in memory of Kate’s grandfather as he was president of the Adelaide Rotary club. As we had been together for so long, Richard wanted to make sure it was done somewhere special that had a special meaning to Kate. We had been in Adelaide for a week long holiday in Barossa Valley and to visit Kate’s Granny who lives there. On the way to the airport to head back to Perth, we stopped off at the bench so Rich could see it and Rich proposed. Kate’s dad was in Adelaide at the time so Rich had asked him the night before if he could ask and Dad said yes 🙂


Wedding photos of Kate + Richard

Bridal gown designer and/or boutique: Paula & Jo

Engagement ring/wedding bands: Kate – Diamonds and Pearls | Richard – Aur Cymru Limited

Invitations/stationary: Invitations- Zazzle

Bridal shoes: Sophia Webster

Groom’s suit: Jacket- Politix

Bridesmaid dresses: Shona Joy

Make-up Artist: Brit Gerrans

Hair stylist: Oscar and Ivy

Bouquet/flowers: Flowers for Mrs Harris

Cake: MAde by my eldest sister- Claire Watson. Also one of the bridesmaids

Car Hire: Dad and brother in law is driving us there

Catering: Wills Domain

Celebrant/Priest: Minister and family friend – Steve Francis

Wedding Planner: No actual wedding planner but Joh Luddin who is the events manager at Wills Domain has been helping us out.

Stylist: not having one

Bands and/or DJ: Bourne Entertainment – brother + sis duo

Please list any other relevent vendors or any other information that you would like me to know: Lighting – Cape Events



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