Wedding Film + Photos of Abbie & Matt, Moore & Moore Cafe Fremantle

Abbie & Matt chose to tie the knot at Moore & Moore cafe in Fremantle – they loved the simplicity and black canvas of the art gallery space, amazing food and the location. Fremantle is where both of their grandparents were married so it was perfect for their wedding!

Scroll down to view their wedding photos or watch the wedding film here:


Tell me about the location of the wedding – why did you choose it and what does it mean to you?

Simple art gallery space. We loved the blank canvas of the gallery for our reception and the food menu is amazing! Fremantle is where both our grandparents were married and we love the City of Fremantle for all that it offers.

How did you find me? Why did you pick me to capture your wedding day?

Friend of a friend. We got goose bumps watching her video and loved the style of your photography (colour, candid nature.)

Tell me about yourselves … How did you meet? What do you do?..How do you spend your days?..What’s important in life?

We meet at a nightclub in Perth and have been inseparable since that night. I (Abbie) am a Pre-Primary teacher and Matthew is a carpenter. We love to go on adventures but also love to laze around all day eating and watching cooking and lifestyle shows. The most important things to us in life are our family and friends, health and happiness.

The proposal? …Tell me a little bit about it…

I will begin by saying it was a total surprise… I knew it would happen one day but wasn’t expecting it when it did. We were back from a weekend visiting my parents down south and I was tired and wanting to relax. Matt was insisting that we get some take out and have a picnic down by the river, at a spot we really love. I kept saying no and he kept at me until I agreed. We were happily eating away and he asked me to grab something out of a bag. I rummaged around for a bit and he started saying my name as if to hurry me up. I turned around to him on his knee with a box in his hand. I immediately cried and had all the overwhelming feelings. It was perfectly simple and romantic.


Bridal gown designer and/or boutique:

Bridal by Aubrey Rose

Engagement ring/wedding bands:




Bridal shoes:

Sol Sana

Groom’s suit:


Bridesmaid dresses:

Fame and Partners

Make-up Artist:

Connor Adams

Hair stylist:

Julie Clarke / own


Flower Soul

Catering, wedding ceremony and reception venue:

Moore and Moore Cafe Fremantle


Sarah Carne

Wedding Planner:

Bands and/or DJ:

Eden Dearlove






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