Tell me about the location of the wedding – why did you choose it and what does it mean to you?

Eight Willows Retreat. The main reason for choosing this location was because we both love WA and have connection to the area with family. We are travelling from NSW and have friends and family travelling too- not only interstate but (fingers crossed) internationally. We wanted a venue that could hold everything in one so our guests didn’t have to worry about getting to and from the ceremony and reception. Eight willows offered just that and it’s a beautiful location!

How did you find me? Why did you pick me to capture your wedding day?

I honestly can’t even remember now- I’ve looked at so many different people. I think I found you via an Instagram page- possibly Nikki the celebrant. We chose you because we liked that your videos were more personal and included the full vows and speeches! Also the professional style and angles and cuts that you had were really impressive. Also the editing work and colours were great.

Tell me about yourselves … How did you meet? What do you do?..How do you spend your days?..What’s important in life?

Justin and I actually met on Bumble!! He was living in NSW and was over in WA visiting family for Christmas. We matched on Bumble and went on a date. After that date we practically spent every day together until he went back to NSW. As I am a teacher and was on school holidays, we decided for me to go over and visit and see if it was going anywhere… and here we are. Now 3 years later. Justin is in the Army as an aviator and I am a teacher. We enjoy the small things in life – spending time together, having new experiences together and going away when we can. Our days are pretty busy and sometimes we can be like ships in the night when Justin is at work night flying. Because we live away from family, we really just have each other so I think that makes our relationship really strong and that we are best friends.

The proposal? …Tell me a little bit about it…

Justin proposed on our 3 year anniversary. He had just cleaned his pride and joy of a car and I came back from work. We had planned to go for dinner to celebrate our anniversary and he said because he had just cleaned his car, he wanted to go for a drive. We drove into Booderee National Park and walked to one of their beautiful beaches there and that’s where he proposed.


Wedding Ceremony & Reception Venue

Eight Willows Retreat 

Bridal gown designer and/or boutique:

Gown- Illawarra Bridal and Formal

Engagement ring/wedding bands:

Engagement & Wedding Band – Dustins (Sydney) Justin’s Wedding Band – Dustin’s (Sydney)


Home made

Bridal shoes:

Harlo Bridal Shoes

Groom’s suit:

MJ Bale

Bridesmaid dresses:

The Gown House

Make-up Artist:

Leah Tamayo

Hair stylist:

Narelle Narrier


Mayflower Weddings


Queen of Cakes – 3 tier, semi naked cake.


Supper Road

Wedding Photographer

Gordon Becker- Photographer

Marriage Celebrant:

Nikki McCarthy – Love Empire

Bands and/or DJ:

DJ Tom



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