Margaret River Wedding Film | Joash + Jane, Black Brewing Co

Tell me about the location of the wedding – why did you choose it and what does it mean to you?

We toyed around with the idea of a destination wedding, but also wanted to be able to celebrate with more people so thought that WA’s South West would be a great option! WA is such a beautiful place in the world, definitely no regrets so far. Does it also give us an excuse to come back here every year to celebrate our anniversaries?

How did you find me? Why did you pick me to capture your wedding day?

Through browsing previous photos/videos on instagram! Really like your storytelling.

Tell me about yourselves … How did you meet? What do you do?..How do you spend your days?..What’s important in life?

Joash and I met in youth group back in high school in 2009! We got together in 2010 when we were in year 12. It has been a crazy journey but we’re so thankful and happy to be able to grow up together and share so many significant milestones in life together. We were there for each other’s first cars, graduations, first jobs, ugly hairstyles. I supported Joash went back to Singapore for mandatory service in the army for two years, and he constantly encouraged me and reminded me to relax when I was stressed from doing my Master and PhD. We also supported each other through our first home build. Joash is an engineer and I’m a psychologist, so we can’t be any more polar opposites, yet we complement each other so well in many different ways. We both strive for excellence in everything we do, we love dogs and particularly Joash’s family dog Meadow (the cutest westie in the world), and we both believe in putting love and others before ourselves.

The proposal? …Tell me a little bit about it…

On our first date we met at a little park in between our houses (we lived really close to each other). 10 and bit years later, on NYE 2019, Joash prepared a simple yet sweeet proposal at the very same spot!

Bridal gown designer and/or boutique:


Engagement ring/wedding bands:

Ross Ezekiel



Bridal shoes:

Tony Bianco

Groom’s suit:

MJ Bale

Bridesmaid dresses:


Make-up Artist:

Creations by Kassy

Hair stylist:

Creations by Kassy


Little Lilac Co


Black Brewing Co

Other photographer, videographer, photobooth or drone pilot (if any):

Ben Yew Photography


Jeffery Ang (Joash’s dad)

Bands and/or DJ:

Nicholette C Music

Furniture Hire

Yallingup Event Hire



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