Heritage Bar Perth Wedding Photography, Ludo + Ed

I love having the opportunity to travel to Perth to photograph weddings! Ludo and Ed’s wedding was no exception. They held a beautiful ceremony at Matilda Bay reserve following by a cocktail style reception at The Heritage Wine Bar.

Tell me about yourselves … How did you meet? What do you do?..How do you spend your days?..What’s important in life?

2008. A colleague of mine at Halo (our first restaurant) said that he had a trial lined up for a service and implied that I would probably approve of his decision to get her in… After Ludo’s trial I remember going through the staff induction with her and found myself being unsettled / anxious. I felt like I may have repeated myself a lot – losing track of my thought being distracted by her looking at me / having her attention. Part 1. We had a very tight team / close knit group that worked together. We all worked long days and stayed up until the early hours of the morning drinking wine, listening to music, going out to eat, laughing and telling stories. I would regularly find myself intentionally staying behind in the hope that I would be alone with Ludo. This went on for a long time, it lead to flirting and jokes between us whilst we were working which eventually lead to the two of getting together, but in secret. I knew I had a lot of feelings for Ludo but being young I didn’t properly acknowledge them, or want to acknowledge them. We slowed down our frequency seeing one another and Ludo decided to move to Melbourne. On the day she was due to fly out, we happened to bump into one another in the city, we ate lunch together and drank coffee. It felt like a final opportunity for me to tell her how I felt before she left forever. We kissed and I didn’t share my feeling with her. Years passed and we didn’t speak or hear from one another. Part 2. Ludo messaged me out of the blue whilst she was still living in Melbourne. Asking me how I was and how everything was going. I couldn’t believe it! We briefly exchanged a back and forth and then we didn’t hear from one another for a few months. Amanda (like a big sister and close friend to me, Ludo’s brides maid and best friend) and I were working at Halo in 2016. Amanda said to me that Ludo was moving back to Perth. I remember everything about the moment Amanda said this, where she was standing, what I was doing etc. I thought to myself ‘this is it, this the chance to fix it, and be with the woman you have thought about so much over these past years.’ I messaged Ludo soon after I found out she was coming home and we struck up an ongoing conversation via messages and phone calls in the few months before she arrived. We met for a drink on her second night back in Perth and haven’t left each other’s side since. What we look forward to the most about being married. Building a life together and sharing all kinds of experiences, I know that as long as we are together it is going to be a blast! The day to day. Waking up next to each other, cooking dinner together and making plans for ourselves as a couple, as a family, and individually. Drinking wine, laughing, listening to music and falling asleep.

The proposal? …Tell me a little bit about it…

The day he proposed was amazing. It was an ordinary Saturday, we got up, did our food shopping and planned a relaxing afternoon. He asked if I wanted to go out for dinner, absolutely I did. Then he said he had to go into work, kitchen emergency…I didn’t read into it. Little did I know he was driving down to see my dad and ask him for permission to marry me. My dad is not traditional by any means, but I know he appreciated this gesture so much…he absolutely adores Ed. Ed had also asked for my mum’s permission a few weeks prior.! He had also gone to The Heritage to pick up an amazing bottle of champagne he had bought years ago and was saving for a special occasion. “Do you want a glass of champagne?” he asks as I am getting ready, of course. We were out on the balcony overlooking the river and that’s when he dropped down on one knee. It was perfect, intimate, and everything I could have asked for. I was delirious for the remainder of the night, fluctuating between uncontrolled sliming and crying tears of happiness.

Wedding Vendors:

Bridal gown: Grace Loves Lace

Bridal shoes: Tony Bianco

Groom’s suit: Hugo Boss

Bridesmaid dresses: Zimmerman

Jewellery/accessories/hair pieces: Linneys

Make-up Artist: The Pretty Parlour

Hair stylist: The Pretty Parlour

Bouquet/flowers: Rose + Bud

Cake: The Honeycake

Catering: The Heritage Wine Bar

Celebrant/Priest: Kiss Me You Fool – Dilhari

Stylist: Owl & Bear

Bands and/or DJ: DJ Will Slade



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