Courtney and Dylan first fell in love as high school sweet hearts when they were just 14 years old. They went their separate ways for a few years but their bond was so strong, leading them to be reunited when they were 21. They love animals, the outdoors and spending time with their friends – so their wedding day was one big party at Chandeliers on Abbey. The proposal was definitely a sweet and romantic one. Dylan had arranged a romantic picnic to be set up at a park complete with champagne and roses – of course this made Courtney ball her eyes out! The moment when Courtney was walking down the isle was definitely an unforgettable one, with Dylan shedding plentiful tears of joy. Entering the reception, they went straight into a choreographed dance setting the scene for the rest of the night.

Wedding Vendors

Bridal gown: Daria Karlozi from bridal Affair

Bridal shoes: ASOS

Groom’s suit: Dobell from

Bridesmaid dresses:

Jewellery/accessories/hair pieces: Collette and Prouds

Make-up Artist: Alisha Kowald beauty

Hair stylist: Renee Lewer and Hayze Sheppard

Bouquet/flowers: Florist Gump

Cake: Sugar blossom cakes

Car Hire: Busselton limousine

Catering: Tess from Hide and Feast // Steve from Peace pizza

Celebrant/Priest: Carla Paterson

Acoustic music at the Ceremony : Megan Pryce

DJ: Jonty (friend)




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